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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Break Saturday: Creepy Old Pictures Edition

You want creepy?  Here's creepy. These are all highly creepy photographs from before the era of Photoshop!

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Friday, 28 April 2017

DCC Campaign Update: "We Hope To Save At Least 70% of Morris' Ass"

The PCs ended last session having temporarily removed the Sky-Nazi menace, only to face a new cliffhanger as someone claiming to be Ack'basha the (very dead) Cleric has come out of a tear in space-time caused by the Dimension Bugs.


-"Right now, with Bill gone and Morris out of action, Heidi is our leader!"
"Yes, only by process of elimination though."

-"Grizlor, Grezlor and Grazlor have a lesser-known relative called G-Rizzlor, the black sheep of the family. He's the curator of the lesser known Lol City Museum of Rap Wizardry."

-Heidi and Tonut are having a barely-deserved break in the Dancing Harpy tavern, when a hysterical woman comes in. Her husband Sam was apparently taken by the Dimension Bugs.
"Take us to where this happened!"
"Are you some kind of heroes?"
"Well... some kind."

-"Sadly, this moment just now was the most typically heroic-fantasy scene this campaign has ever had!"

-The two "heroes" proceed to the woman's hovel.
"I push Heidi inside ahead of me with my mace."

-"Here's the slime trail he left when he was taken.. my Sam struggled with all his pseudopods but it was no good!"
"Wait.. your husband is some kind of slime-monster?"

-"Please tell me you can save my dear Sam!"
"We could tell you that, but it probably wouldn't be true."

-This "Ack'Basha" that appeared in front of Mu has apparently  never even heard of Bill the Elf.
"Wait.. you don't mean Ted the Elf, do you?"

-"Have you seen someone named Morris?"
"Yes! He's currently recovering from a deprobing."
"What? Is he going to be alright?? What happened to him?!"
"This Ack'basha is disturbingly concerned about Morris..."

-In the high-council tower, Heidi spots the "viking wizard" Morris had mentioned, and plans to rat him out to the high council.
"Don't you know that snitches get stitches?"
"Yeah. Snitching on a Viking is probably not a good idea."

-"Roman, this is Ack'basha."
"...No he isn't!"
"Yes I am!"

-Roman theorizes that Ack'Basha is from an alternate timeline. This is bad, because it means time itself is collapsing.

("Uncle" Roman Beckett)

-"Heidi, this is Ack'basha"
"No it's not."
"Yes I am!!"

-Morris is still recovering from his deprobing. Ack'basha insists on seeing him.
"That is NOT my Morris!"
"Yeah, he's from our timeline..."
"So wait, I'm in a fake timeline now?"
"Sirs, sorry to interrupt, but I thought you might want to know, the patient is stabilizing and we hope we'll manage to save at least 70% of Morris' ass."

-"Tonut, this is Ack'basha"
"...No it isn't!"
"Yes I am! Why does everyone keep saying that?"

-Another member of Ack'basha's team is found: Theobald the Ape-man Wizard!

-"Why are they so happy to see each other?"
"I think Ack'basha and Theobald get along. I think their whole party is cohesive and care about each other."
"That's so weird."
"I think I'm going to be sick."
"Yeah, that's bullshit! Where's the thinly-veiled contempt?!"
"Can you guys take me with you when you go back??"

-"You want to send out a bunch of apprentices to search for a 'better' version of Morris?"
"..Actually, we should have probably been trying to do that all along."

-Frijole the wizard also existed in the alternate timeline.
"Of course I've heard of Frijole. He was the famous creator of Frijole's Unfortunate Explosion!"
"And Frijole's Noxious Cloud!"

-Mu, who is still spellburned to be unable to say anything other than his name, is hijacked by a weird masked man who ties him up, and demands to be taken to Ack'basha.
"Don't move! Don't even breathe. Well, breathe a little."
"Don't make animal sounds!  Good. My name is Chu the Unseen. You've probably never heard of me."

-Heidi, Tonut, Roman, Theobald and Ack'basha take note on the differences in the two timelines; apparently the point of divergence was the death of Bill the Elf and the survival of Ted the Elf (until Ack'basha killed Ted). The divergence means that G.O.D. was never restored, nor was he hijacked by Nikos and then Sezrekhan. Nor had Ack'basha ever heard of the Libram of the Ten Spheres; but now that he has, he's very interested.

-"So you guys never went to Minotauria?"
"Well, it's really called Tholia."
"Still no. Oh, we've been to Centauria!"
"It's not really called Centauria!"

-"Excuse me, someone infiltrated the library and took Mu hostage. They are a guy in a mask, and a techno-walrus."
"Ah! Those are our two team-mates! Chu the Unseen and Oswaldo the dim-witted Techno-walrus."

-"Should we untie Mu?"
"I don't see why."

-"What you people did to Mu is very wrong...  you should always tie a wizard's hands BEHIND his back."
"He didn't look like enough of a threat for that."

-Oswaldo has another sphere from the Time Dinosaurs, like the one they had tried to give to Bill.  The dinosaur hologram is unintelligible as always, except to Roman who for some reason seems to be able to understand Dinosaur.
"You're supposed to go to a place called the Maze of Corners, and restore a device that will heal the time rifts and banish the Dimension Bugs."

-Mu, pissed off at everyone else and wanting nothing to do with the quest, heads back to the library, his hands still tied. Along the way he's mugged; the muggers tie up his legs, and he crawls the rest of the way to the library. He's then humiliated by a pageboy, who then threatens him not to tell Grezlor.
"Snitches get stitches!"

-Heidi snitches on the Viking Wizard to Grizlor.
"Heidi here said you're a looter..."
"Actually, Morris told me."
"So it was Morris who snitched! And where's Morris now?"
"Witness protection."

-"Heidi, you did the right thing there. I'm disgusted with you."

-When the whole gang heads to the Dancing Harpy, they finally find the last member of the alternate-timeline party: Morris. Cool guy Morris. Charismatic and quick-witted Morris. Every woman swoons over him and every man wants to be him. Minds snap.

-"I'm sorry it's.. it's just so different."
"Your Morris is different?"
"He's... special."
"Special like in the way that Oswaldo is kind of 'special'?"
"Well, also that kind of special, yes."

-After an insane night of drinking and watching alt-timeline Morris be incredibly cool, Heidi wakes up the next morning with a killer hangover, in a bed with the tavern owner, the tavern owner's attractive wife, and Morris!

-"You know, this Morris is just TOO awesome. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'd rather have the other Morris."
"I guess we'll have to ask Heidi who he'd rather have, now."

-Tonut wakes up, with a killer hangover, in the monkey cage in the market, with Oswaldo next to him. He vaguely recalls Heidi losing them in a bet. He also very vaguely recalls Oswaldo asking him a bunch of strange questions about Bill the Elf.
"Oswaldo, you're not as dumb as you look, are you?"
"I'm real smartie!"
"Hey, don't worry man, whatever your secret is, I won't tell."
"That's good because snitches get stitches."

-The PCs, being complete assholes, insist on showing Cool Morris the regular crappy-timeline Morris.
"I... my god... I don't know if I want to try to help him, or just smother him to death!"
"He's even worse when he's conscious."
"The good news is that they should restore function to at least 70% of his ass!"
"I guess we should accept it. We really are the Darkest Timeline."

-Thanks to Grizlor's research, the team learns how to get to the Maze of Corners. They have to go through the Gate of Secrets. They get a shuttle and of course Cool Morris is a crack pilot.
"Wait.. if we're the real timeline, and Morris vanishes when we fix all this, how will we get back? None of us can pilot the ship!"
"Honestly, let's hope we're not the real ones."

-It turns out that the Gate of Secrets requires that you reveal a secret to cross through. Tonut reveals that he hears strange whisperings in his head about Ekim's Mystical Mask. Heidi reveals that he wishes he could have violated the dead sky-nazi.

-The party enters the maze of corners, encountering a large gelatinous cube.
"I shoot it!"
"Does the cube have anything inside it?"
"Just a bullet."

-"I will start using Second Sight now, to guide us through the maze."
"I had thought of getting locate object, but it's fairly pointless with you on our team, Ack'basha."
"When I was younger, I thought I could control ants. Then I realized they were controlling me!"
"Oh, Chu!"

-The party encounters, along the way, some more Dimension Bugs, a dead Fishman (possibly from yet another alternate timeline) with a vial of poison, and a cool-looking spear hidden under a pile of garbage.

-"I'm a pretty shitty wizard."
"Don't be so hard on yourself, Mu. You can be anything you set your mind to!"
"I really don't like you, Cool Morris."

-They find the room with the device. With the room seemingly empty, Chu the Unseen goes in first to check for traps. Just as he says it's all clear, two gigantic pincers reach down from the ceiling and attack him!

-Mu ends up saving the day, by emptying his whole AK-47 into the Dimension Bug Queen.
"See, Mu? I told you that you could do it!"
"Stop annoying me, Cool Morris!"

-"The real lesson of this session is that we should learn to appreciate our Morris for what he is: a fucking disaster."

-Ack'Basha and Heidi activate the machine at the same time. Space-time is repaired, and Ack'basha and his team vanish.
"Great, now how the fuck do we get out of here?"

-The Time Dinosaurs show up, and rescue the PCs. Unfortunately, instead of dropping them off in Lol, they drop them off in an office building somewhere else.
"Who the hell are you people?"
"Who are you? And where am I?"
"I'm City Officer Swanlee, and you're in Highbay."

And on that bombshell, we leave you for today. Stay tuned for more good fun in our next report!


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Thursday, 27 April 2017

No blog today, busy in a Masonic event. Go read yesterday's!

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Shockingly Bad Behavior From an RPG Designer

So, the user known as Zweihander has been banned from theRPGsite for opening a sockpuppet account (RPGPundit2), which he used to post links to a website that exposed my name and other personal information about me. This website was made and spread by someone commenting on my blog for months now under the name "Daniel".  
This website also uses my name and the RPGpundit name in the website url. 

The "RPGPundit2" account was made with the same IP as Zweihander's, and using the same email name.

He didn't even try to hide what he was doing, or he was so monumentally stupid as to not realize how obvious it would be because Admins can see IP addresses and the email users sign up with. 

No one else but the selfsame "Daniel" who spent actual money and time making these doxxing links against me would give a shit to post this stuff, and he has been harassing me with it on my blog under a fake name for months now, ever since Trump won the election.  Those of you who read my blog (or rather, read the comments) regularly will recognize him as "Daniel". 
Note that "Daniel Fox" is the name of Zweihander's designer and the user of the Zweihander RPGsite account.

This is pretty much appalling behavior for someone who pretends to be a "game designer". Of course, his history of aggressively shilling his game including with misleading links shows that this is a recurring theme for Zweihander as a human being. 

I hope everyone in the hobby finds out about this piece of shit and what he considers appropriate behavior for a designer. 

I'll note that since I banned him on theRPGsite and made this public notice, Daniel Fox/Zweihander has since emailed me, feigning ignorance and trying to pretend that this is some kind of a mix-up, which is nonsensical. 
If "daniel" had been anyone other than him, and had been out to try to ruin Zweihander's reputation, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have laid in wait for nearly 6 months trolling my blog ceaselessly and making attack sites trying to doxx me, without even ONCE mentioning Zweihander. And you'd think "RPGPundit2" would have identified himself as Zweihander, if this was some kind of a carefully designed frame job.

So no, Zweihander (and I bet you're reading this because you've already shown your mentally ill obsession with me), no one is going to believe your bullshit. You were a moron and have now been caught dead to right as a months-long troll who engaged in doxxing and hideous behaviour. And I'm going to make sure everyone knows it.


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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Classic Rant: If You Want the RPG Hobby to Be More LGBT-Inclusive...

So we hear a lot these days, some from people who are really just desperately interested in having everyone see how activist they are, and some from those who actually give a fuck, about the question of LGBT-inclusivity in RPGs. Many people have been arguing in favor of LGBT-representation in game settings, and that's fine (within the boundaries of what's credible for a setting, obviously). But some have also pointed out that just having a few mentions of LGBT characters in a game setting is not really any great thing, and is not necessarily something that will make the hobby more welcoming to LGBT people as gamers.

Correct! The question is, what's the solution then? Some have talked about RPG mechanics, and how these should be changed somehow, or new RPGs/storygames made that address these. In one particularly productive G+ conversation I was involved in, one writer suggested the following as mechanical elements that they thought would appeal to LGBT players:

"character non-monogamy, subversive models of character agency, mechanics that interrogate themselves, fluid codification of characters, games without characters."

Now, here's the thing: none of those things appear in D&D, nor will they ever. And not because D&D is homophobic, but because they're just irrelevant to it. Those types of mechanics are as relevant to D&D in both system and style as they would be to baseball.

Other people in that same conversation (or maybe the same person, I forget) were also talking about the importance of panels at cons.

Now, here's the other thing: the types of mechanics described above are all well and good to appear in new games (most likely small-press indie games). Fine. Panels at cons, fine. But both of these amount to preaching to the choir, to people already operating inside the hobby. And note that by "choir" in this case, I do NOT mean LGBT-people, but rather that very tiny subset of the same that are really really interested in LGBT issues in Gaming, and actively participate in things like panels at cons, and play quirky story games.
Most RPG players don't even GO to cons. Most RPG players don't play storygames. And among that classification of "RPG Players", I include most LGBT players.

I will say it right here: I would be willing to bet my finest pipe that, in exactly the same way that the vast majority of RPG players only play D&D, the vast majority of LGBT people who play RPGs only play D&D. And there's no reason to suspect that the vast majority of LGBT people who become tabletop RPG players in the future won't also follow that same trend.

Does this mean that there are no problems with inclusion? No, of course there are problems. What this means is, as long as the ownership of the discussion of what to do to bring more LGBT-people into the hobby and make the hobby a more welcoming and inclusive place belongs to people who like to talk about college-level identity politics theory in panels at cons and play storygames, as long as that particular (dare I say privileged?) group claims ownership over this issue, a huge disservice is likely being done to the majority of LGBT-gamers.

Why? Because as far as I can see, D&D (and its clones) will continue by far to be the largest RPG in the hobby, and the one that will keep successfully bringing in the most new people to the hobby.

So I think if the goal is to create inclusion, you're left with two choices:

a) Go to war with the entire hobby and try to destroy D&D, which is a fools' errand, though certainly some fools are trying.


b) talk more productively about those ways that can provide inclusivity within the structure and model that is unlikely to change, nor should it need to change.

"Queering" D&D is like "queering" basketball, or bridge. It either can't be done, or can only be done by making something so radically different from what is presently called 'basketball' or 'bridge' that it would no longer be recognizable as such.

So I would argue that D&D is the elephant in the room of the whole discussion as it currently stands. Are you doing all this to make yourself feel better and to be smug, and create a little pseudo-intellectual ghetto for yourselves while abandoning to the wolves any LGBT gamers who have no interest in spending their time talking about Queer Theory; or are you doing it because you actually want the very core hobby to be more inclusive and to be a place that is more open, welcoming and gives more centrality to LGBT people? 
If the latter, you need to recognize the reality that D&D is the hobby (in terms of what your goals would be), and that therefore it's pointless to talk about 'steps' that don't take D&D into account. There's not much reason to talk about changing things at the rules level (because you couldn't do that with D&D, aside from fluff rules). Instead, what you do need to talk about are the many many other levels in which you can focus yours efforts with D&D to achieve your goals.

No one's saying it's a bad idea to make a game that specifically appeals to the interests or identity of a minority (though I think that can often create either tokenism, or ghettoization, both of which have problems of their own); but the point is that D&D IS the RPG hobby for most gamers! You won't create an overall environment that's positive if you don't address how you can work with D&D. And furthermore, I think that D&D is the RPG hobby for most LGBT gamers! Sure, there are some that will really be hyper-aware of the 'bigger hobby', but it's likely that, just like 90% of all gamers don't play anything other than D&D, 90% of all LGBT gamers don't play anything other than D&D too. So you're doing those people a disservice by ignoring D&D.

I think that 5e D&D has done (and is on course to doing) great stuff with representation. I think that the places where D&D can work better for LGBT involve just about everything that surrounds the system (plus maybe a few secondary elements of system itself), and how they present settings/adventures; but I think its much more important to stop thinking about this in terms of the elements of the game, and start thinking more in terms of the elements of marketing, public relations, organized play, etc. Conventions are important, sure, but they aren't the "ground floor" of the hobby. Instead, you want to be promoting LGBT involvement in play through FLGSes, school clubs, community groups, etc, plus online play (if WotC can ever figure out how to do that last one right). 
The interesting thing is that this are ALSO precisely the areas that WoTC needs to be focusing on if they want to make the hobby grow in general; and they could do this at the same time as they make an effort to making D&D (and thus the biggest part of the hobby) more LGBT-friendly.

Hell, for years now gaming companies have from time to time engaged in or participated in programs to send RPG books to overseas military (which has, by the way, resulted in a disproportionate amount of U.S. RPG players being active or veteran military). Why not do the same to gay-straight alliance clubs in schools, or other kinds of youth groups?

That's the kind of thinking you need to be working on if the goal is really to reach out and welcome LGBT gamers; working from the assumption (no doubt distasteful to some, but a reality) that the vast majority of LGBT gamers are and will be just like all the other gamers and want to play D&D, so the answer to inclusiveness is getting more LGBT people (especially LGBT youth) trying out D&D.

As for the Gay-Straight Alliance Clubs outreach thing, remember, folks: you heard it from the RPGPundit first.


(originally posted November 19, 2014)

Monday, 24 April 2017

Break Monday: Bad-ass Soldier Edition

In today's Break article, I take a short biographical look through history of four legendary bad-ass fighter-guys, ranging from the 1st century until the 20th.

Why? Just because I dig history, and all four of these guys had interesting stories to tell.

So, check out Four Historical Warriors With Kill-Counts John Wick Could Respect.

And if you liked the article, please share it!


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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Wild West Campaign:The Hinkley Gang

In this weekend's game, we had a trio of stories.

First, Deputy Jeff Young went off to the countryside to look for Dirty Dave Rudabaugh. He didn't actually know if Dirty Dave had committed any crimes, but assumed he was, and hoped it would be a great opportunity to get himself some more arrests by catching Dirty Dave and his inevitable selling out of his partners.

He found out someone had been robbing stagecoaches out of Hays city, and headed that way to investigate. He learned the name of one of the robbers, and then took a guess as to where they might have headed, hoping he'd find Dirty Dave at the end of it. In the town of Gove he discovered that it was indeed Dirty Dave and his new gang, and after charming a local barmaid, she revealed to him that Dirty Dave was apparently avoiding Cimarron on account that he'd learned in Hays that Clay Allison, one of the most feared gunfighters and gang-leaders of the age, had a beef against certain people in Dodge city (on account of Wyatt Earp having shot dead one of his best men, George Hoyt). And she believed Dave's gang were headed to Elkader instead.

Second, Kid Taylor had run off with Judge Wright's daughter Frances (having secretly gotten full permission to do so by the Judge). He was going to marry her in Elkader. They arrived without incident, but the preacher, suspecting that they'd run off without the girl's father's permission, insisted that they take until the afternoon to think long and hard about the seriousness of marriage. If they were still sure to go through with it, then rather than their living in sin he would marry them after lunchtime.

They planned to go eat at the only dining hall in town, when they heard someone calling for Kid from nearby. It turned out to be Dirty Dave Rudabaugh!

He had been arrested by the town's new hardass sheriff as soon as he'd rode in. Now he was pleading for Kid Taylor to get him out. Kid decided to spring Dave, and as a first step invited both the jailor and sheriff to his wedding.  Then he sat down for lunch with his bride-to-be and she asked him why the hell he was planning to risk their wedding for Dave.  Kid thought about it, and had admit to her that Dave wasn't even that close a friend, just more of an acquaintance, and that it really didn't make any sense, it was just his first outlaw instinct. But for her, he decided, he'd decline to spring Dave.

Unfortunately, as soon as they left the diner, they ran into the Sheriff, who immediately arrested Kid Taylor. He was suspecting that Kid was part of Dave's gang, and when he learned of the name of Kid's betrothed, he realized that she was the daughter of Judge Wright. He assumed that Kid had fled with her, probably defiled her, and was now seeking to marry her without parental permission. It didn't help that Kid had lied to the jailor and claimed (in a bit of 'man talk') that he'd already deflowered her, which wasn't true.

Kid tried to convince the sheriff that in fact he had Judge Wright's full blessing (which was true) and that Wright had his own reasons for them eloping (he didn't want the rest of the Dodge City Gang to know that Kid Taylor was now working for him and the "Better People"), but the story seemed so amazing that the Sheriff assumed it to be a lie. He threw kid into the jail with Dirty Dave (who assumed Kid had been arrested for trying to spring him).  Dave had some hope his real gang would spring him but they never showed, and he soon realized they'd abandoned him and taken all his ill-gotten gains with them.

The next day, Deputy Young came into town after Dave. He found Dave and Kid in the Sheriff's custody, and wanted to get Dave to give his usual confession in exchange for immunity, to hunt down Dave's gang and recover the lost Wells-Fargo money. But the local hardass Sheriff insisted on trying to violently beat Dave to elicit a confession. Young was too inexperience in law to think to defy the Sheriff, but it was actually Rudabaugh (who had gotten quite good at interpreting the law due to his many close-shaves with prison) who pointed out in mid-beating that since his crimes were all done OUTSIDE Elkader, he should be Young's prisoner and not the Sheriff's. The Sheriff was forced very reluctantly to stop savagely assaulting Dave, and release him into Young's custody. Young couldn't really help kid, and disbelieved the story the Sheriff relayed to him about Kid having permission to marry Frances Wright. So he left Kid to stew.
Fortunately for kid, a few hours later the Sheriff got a response to his telegram to Dodge City where he'd informed the Judge that he'd "rescued" Frances from her kidnapper; Judge Wright backed Kid's story and the Sheriff was obliged to free Kid and allow Kid and Frances to marry.

Third: In Dodge itself, in the Palace Saloon, Bill Miller (the security guard) ended up in a confrontation with a drunken rustic named Jed Hinkley, after Jed shot the poker dealer dead (claiming he was being cheated). Bill walked right up to the man exchanging fire, taking a couple of flesh wounds, before pistol whipping him twice into unconsciousness. His astounding (reckless, some would say) display of bravado quickly becomes news throughout the town.

A bit later, news gets out that millionaire brat Spike Kenedy is back in town. A couple of weeks ago he'd tried to assassinate the mayor of Dodge, Dog Kelly, out of jealousy at Kelly being romantically involved with the beautiful singer, Miss Dora Hand (who Spike was infatuated with). Now he'd snuck back into town, and tried to buy another gun, but no one would sell it to him; so he walked up in front of the Alhambra Saloon and challenged the old man to a fist-fight. In spite of being more than two decades older than Spike, "Dog" beats him to a bloody pulp, and Marshall Bassett takes him away for the second time.

Later on, the PCs find out that Jeb Hinkley's mother, "Ma" Hinkley, is actually a well-known gang-leader, and she's come into town with her other two sons, Bull and Zeb. Ma is incensed, not so much that Jeb was arrested as that he let himself be taken alive and was going to be hung for murder, an act that she feels will bring dishonor to the whole family.  It's assumed she's planning to free her son, and maybe kill Bill Miller. Bill and his boss, John Miller (no relation) head over to the Marshall's office to offer their assistance. Just then, the news arrives that Doc Holliday (who had been acting more erratically these last few days) had shot the owner of the Gillie bar in the head!

The Marshall runs off to try to deal with the matter, while the Millers keep watch over the Marshall's office.

They find the Hinkleys sneaking into the alley beside the jail, and realize that one of them is carrying a box of dynamite!  Heading over there quickly, the Hinkleys realize they've been spotted. A firefight begins, but not all goes as expected. While Bull shoots at the Millers, Ma turns her shotgun on her imprisoned son, choosing to kill him rather than let him stay in captivity. Zeb, meanwhile, lights a stick of dynamite, planning to throw it at the Millers. One of the Millers manages to shoot Zeb's hand, causing him to drop the stick right onto the box of dynamite. The Hinkleys try to flee while the Millers dive for cover. The huge explosion that follows injures Bill Miller and kills Ma and Zeb; Bull survives with serious injuries. Half the Marshall's office is blown to bits; but Spike Kennedy (who was inside) survives mostly uninjured.

It turns out that Doc Holliday didn't actually kill the owner of the Gillie bar, he survived his head wound. But Doc and Big Nose Kate THOUGHT the barman was dead, so they fled town.  The lawmen decide it's best not to bother pursuing.

Kid Taylor and his new bride Frances take the scenic route back to Dodge, honeymooning in various small towns.  When Kid gets back, his sister Lily warmly greets her new sister-in-law, but Kid discovers a pair of men's underpants that aren't his, and he realizes that while he was away, his sister had been up to no good with her beau, Jim Masterson.
But the consequences of that will be a story for another session.


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