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Monday, 27 February 2017 Elephant-Headed God Edition!

Check out Selfie-stick Ganesh, action-hero Ganesh, Spider-Ganesh, and many more Reasons Why Ganesh is Awesome

 Ganesh is the only Deity fun enough to let his own worshipers dress him up like this.  If only every other religion wasn't as hung up on trying to look all serious and who to call blasphemers. 

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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Dark Albion: The X-Files Version!

Over on this blog, a Dark Albion fan has made this great blog entry about Aliens in Dark Albion.

You see, in Cults of Chaos, one of the major chaos cults covered in that sourcebook is the "star cult", who work with alien entities. Not creatures of chaos exactly, but entities from another world.

Yes, there's grey aliens (and more) in Cults of Chaos.

Well, Eric has run with it, and made some great speculations about extraterrestrial influences in the medieval world of Dark Albion.

So go check it out!


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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Classic Rant: RPGs You Should Look At If You Care About Inclusivity

There's been a lot of talk of late about how RPGs need to be inclusive, and totally false bullshit accusations about who is or isn't inclusive; most of this talk has been coming from people who have never actually DONE a fucking thing to make the hobby more inclusive, other than brag about how "socially conscious" they are while calling disabled women "fucksacks" for disagreeing with them, and pretending that the hobby will be inclusive by censoring and blacklisting anyone they don't personally like.

We should not, however, mistake these Opportunistic Pieces of Shit for actual spokespeople for any thing or anyone other than themselves and their own self-absorbed grandeur. Nor should we, importantly, mistake the kind of witch-hunting and vicious power-mongering they're engaging in for actual concern for inclusivity.
But most important of all, we shouldn't let the example of these fuckheads turn us off from the idea of RPGs being inclusive. That's really the worst part of the kind of shit these people pull: it makes people react AGAINST being inclusive; because they think "well, these people claim to be the spokespeople for being inclusive, and they're pretentious assholes who claim that to be inclusive we all have to do what they say, including a few things I seriously disagree with, so really just fuck 'inclusion'".

And that's a problem. We WANT this hobby to be more inclusive. Not in the fake way these self-absorbed pseudo-activists are trying to use inclusivity to push their own agenda, but in the real sense of being an actually welcoming hobby for everyone and presenting a diverse hobby; because diversity is awesome.

Does that sound a bit corny? I don't mean it in a corny kind of "The more you know" psa kind of way. I mean it in the literal sense; that having a more diverse hobby means that more awesome potential for roleplaying exists. 

How about we consider a couple of RPGs that are actually diverse and inclusive:

First, Lords of Olympus. It's an RPG about playing the children of Greek Gods, sure, but if you take a look at the HUGE setting section, which includes probably the most detailed setting information on Greek Mythology ever done for an RPG, you'll see that the NPC descriptions include a large number of powerful and fascinating female characters, as well as characters who are of all variety of sexualities, all presented in a serious and positive light. The setting assumes as a default that PCs can be whatever gender or sexuality they wish, and gives role models in the form of the backstories of the NPCs who will be the characters' relatives. And because a huge part of the action in LoO is (mythic-level) "Family Drama", the diversity of characters and relationships makes LoO directly MORE AWESOME.

Second, an even better example in Arrows of Indra. It's already been mentioned in a lot of places that AoI is the first RPG rulebook ever to feature a heroic transgendered character on the cover. It should also be noted that AoI introduces an awesome, detailed, historically-attentive presentation of a setting closely-copied from a non-western culture! As I've said before, one of the reasons I chose to stick close to the authentic mythology and legends of "Epic India" is because I realized very quickly that I literally could not do better; trying to make a "vaguely-india-based fantasy setting" would not have been better than the incredible richness of mythic themes and adventuring potential found in the real deal. By being inclusive and diverse (and authentic), it makes AoI MORE AWESOME, than just creating some other vaguely-exotic D&D-setting. I should also mention that AoI approaches the issue of gender and sexuality.

Oh yeah, and I should note that I wrote all this stuff BEFORE I ever Consulted for WoTC. I've been pushing inclusiveness for literally longer than 5e has existed. Unfortunately, the reason why my detractors have been able to lie about my views on all this is because unlike them, I wasn't in it to feel smug or get groovy-points for how socially conscious I was being. It wasn't about ME, it was about making my game better and actually really making something new and more interesting for the hobby. You know, REAL inclusiveness. 


(August 2, 2014)

Friday, 24 February 2017

Break Friday: Cannibalism edition!

In today's Break article, we take a look at a truly weird phenomenon: Western Civilization.

We do so in the case study of the history and practice of Cannibalism. In the West we tend to think of cannibalism as something horrific.

Much of the rest of the world didn't. Here's why, in my latest article: Civilization is all That Stands Between You and Your Neighbor Eating Each Other.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Help Me Settle on a Title for my Medieval-Authentic OSR Game

So, I've picked up speed lately on my upcoming Medieval-Authentic OSR Rulebook. It's going to be a complete OSR-based RPG with a lot of innovations. The emphasis will be on running games in worlds (be it our own historical world, or others) that more accurately reflect medieval society, culture, and ideas.   It'll have some material copied (with slight adjustment) from my Dark Albion setting (which is a Medieval-Authentic setting, of course), but it will also have a lot of new material and expanding previous material. It won't have it's own setting, just the default setting of an Albion-style medieval authentic world (with various examples mentioning the world of Albion).  It will not be a Dark Albion product, in the sense that you don't have to own Dark Albion of any of its supplements to use it.  It'll be entirely self-contained.

So far, I've written somewhat over 50000 words for it. So progress is good!  But there is one little thing that's been a big block for me: it's name.

Obviously, I don't think it should just be called "Medieval Authentic OSR Rulebook".  But I can't quite settle on anything else yet.

So I'm bringing it to you! Here's a few titles I've been toying around with. Tell me which you think might be the best one for the book!

-"Lion & Dragon: Medieval Authentic OSR Rules"

-"Magisters and Ruffians: Medieval Authentic OSR Rules"

-"Misbegotten Knaves: Medieval Authentic OSR Rules"

-"Irons of Wrath: Medieval Authentic OSR Rules"

-"Cracked Crowns: Medieval Authentic OSR Rules"

-"Barren Earth: Medieval Authentic OSR Rules"

-"Hollow Crown: Medieval Authentic OSR Rules"

Yes, other than the first one (which is a reference to the standards of the Plantagenets and the Tudors), and the second (which is maybe the most typical "D&D-esque" title) all the others are Shakespeare references.

So, share your opinion, let me know which you think looks like the best choice to you.
Oh, and if you have an idea of your own that you really think is great, and want to give away, feel free to make your suggestion too.


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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Gay Social/Political Media Star Said it's OK to Have Sex With a 13-Year Old; No, it Wasn't Milo

So Milo didn't actually ever say it was OK for an adult to engage in sexual activity a 13 year old. He was very clear in stating that he believes in the current age of consent, and in the full version of the video that was doctored against him he makes it very clear that he thinks consent laws are a big part of what makes western civilization better than other cultures.

But guess who DID say it's ok to fool around with a 13 year old?

Yes, George Takei! Mr.Sulu himself, gay icon of the ctrl-left, adored by every fashionable leftist everywhere!

At the 2:20 mark he's talking about how it's totally ok to get sexy with a 13 year old if the boy doesn't complain.

I'm now waiting for every one of the Ctrl-Left activists out there, the same ones who suddenly found a deep concern for the welfare of children, to denounce Takei for statements vastly more explicit than anything Milo ever said

Do it! Or you are just proven shameless hypocrites on a witch-hunt against a political enemy who always humiliated you and who you despised.

Only it won't happen, will it? We know the Left will give Takei a free pass, because they are blatant and total hypocrites.

Milo and Takei were both in sexual encounters at the age of 13, both by much older authority figures (a scoutmaster in Takei's case, a catholic priest in Milo's), and both talked about it very bluntly in a public context.

But while Milo (as much as he, like Takei, talks about how he experienced pleasure from the encounter) insists that it's wrong for an adult to try to do something sexual with a 13 year old, George seems to be clearly saying that it's totally cool if the kid's into it.

And yet it's OK for George Takei to say that, as far as the Left is concerned. Hell, Lena Dunham admitted to molesting her little sister (she wrote about it in her book!) and she got an HBO show and an invitation to speak at the DNC for it!  

Plus, it's just different for the left, because George Takei is a "house homo". He's one of the "good ones". The ones who behave; who say the things the Left wants their homos to say. Takei doesn't get all "uppity" like Milo does. He doesn't try to run off the Democratic plantation. Takei doesn't challenge them like Milo does on issues that matter to him, like how Islamists want him thrown off a building.

The Left only loves LGBT people as long as they learn how to behave. They love their gay stars when those stars act as mouthpieces for leftist propaganda.
Milo doesn't.
George Takei does, so it's OK for him to openly endorse man-boy love, because he has the right politics.

And that's what this whole assault on Milo is about. No one involved gives even the teenie-tiniest little baby-sized shit about "protecting children". Not even a tiny bit. It's all about the politics of Destroying Milo because he represents something three totally different groups hate him for. He represents the future.

This is a panic play by Neocon NeverTrumpers, the Establishment Media, and the SJW left.

The Neocons, angry about CPAC, were the ones who doctored the Milofootage. It was a group associated with famous NeverTrumper, Establishment Puppet, fake Presidential Candidate and Mormon "lifelong bachelor" Evan McMullin (ironic!).
Trump's victory has ruined this group, and Breitbart and Milo were a huge part of Trump's victory.
The Establishment Media, angry about Breitbart, disseminated it the video. They know Milo has been a massive contributor to pointing out media lies.

And the Ctrl-Left, angry about Bill Maher not following the script, as well as despising Milo in general for being one of the "uppity gays" who doesn't let himself be controlled, charged in like sharks smelling blood.

The first group are on the verge of becoming extinct in the GOP; the second are losing their grip over control of information; the third, control over culture.

In all cases, Milo represents the force that has thwarted them all: young Cultural Libertarians who despise being told how to live or what to do, who don't trust the establishment, who don't really give a fuck about racism or sexism or homophobia but despise having people calling them those things to manipulate them into doing what they say, and who value Free Speech above all else.

Milo is the symbol of the totalitarian's (left, right, or corporate) impending doom. So they're trying to kill him as if that will stop what's started already, and keeps picking up speed: change.

Personally, I think Milo is clever and bold enough that he is going to get out from this and be twice as huge and influential on the Right in a year's time.  But even if he's not, it'll only be because someone (or SEVERAL someones) end up taking his place.

They can't stop us now.


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Monday, 20 February 2017

Break Monday: How to Become a Wizard Edition

In today's article, I talk about how all of the first things you have to do in order to become a wizard don't look anything like what you think of as "the occult".

Also, Harry Potter lied to you.

Check out my article on How to Become a Real Wizard! And if you liked it, please share!


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